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Key Technologies Featured in Office Management Training

If there’s one person who can be considered the “hub” of an office, it’s the administrative assistant. These professionals are typically in charge of doing all the daily activities that keep an office running.iStock_000014539547XSmall[1]

According to a survey by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the biggest self-identified need in administrative assistant training is technology applications. That means, more than ever employers expect administrative assistants and executive secretaries to be tech savvy. The Office Management associate degree and Office Administration Assistant diploma program provides students with courses that focus on key technologies used in the field. Having a foundation in these technologies is important for improving employability skills. Check out the list below and see if you measure up to succeed as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. Read More…

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Career Outlook: What is a Virtual Assistant?

Graduates of the Office Asssitant degree program at Bryant & Stratton College are prepared for a number of career options, including working as a Virtual Assistant in a number of business settings.

If you’re starting or in the middle of administrative assistant training, you may be thinking about what you’ll do after graduation (if you’re not, then you should!). Becoming a virtual assistant might be a good option for you.

A virtual assistant is a contract worker that businesses can hire to perform a variety of administrative duties. Virtual assistants operate as their own business, building a client base and working remotely from a home office or an independent workspace. Working as a virtual assistant allows for greater schedule flexibility, and gives individuals the opportunity to specialize in the areas of administrative work that they enjoy the most.

Interested in this unique career path? Here’s what you need to know about becoming a virtual assistant. Read More…

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Guide to Becoming a Successful Administrative Assistant

Did you know that successful Executive Administrative Assistants  work in nearly every industry, from agriculture and manufacturing, to education and Fortune 500 companies. Administrative assistants often make the first impression on prospective clients, and they provide critical administrative support so fellow employees and upper-level management can do their jobs effectively.

The administrative assistant goals you have set now can help you enjoy a successful lifetime career. Here are some administrative assistant goals you can work toward to land a job at your dream company. Read More…

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Hear it from the Source: Advice from a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant positions have grown popular in recent years as education and online tools have created new opportunities in the field. Kathy Colaiacovo, Vice President of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) shares some advice for students considering this career path.

Virtual assistant positions have emerged in recent years due to ever-changing communication technology and an increase in available administrative assistant training. Through online tools, professionals can perform traditional office duties remotely, changing the way that administrative work is done for many companies across the world. Building a client base and becoming a successful virtual assistant is hard work, but it can also be very rewarding.

Kathy Colaiacovo, Vice President of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), shared some advice on developing professional skills, establishing yourself, and achieving success. Here are the top five reasons you should consider becoming a virtual assistant.   Read More…

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Debunking Myths about Administrative Assistants

Most people are familiar with the role of an administrative assistant. But there are many misconceptions about the skills, training and level of responsibility that come along with the job. Administrative assistants don’t just answer the phone and take notes; they handle a wide variety of tasks that are absolutely essential to daily office operations. Here are some of the most common myths about administrative assistants, debunked. Read More…

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Career Opporuntities with an Office Management Degree

The field of Administrative Assisting is a growing field and a vital position within today’s workplace. Often, Administrative Assistants are the ones who make a first impression to others about their organization. Administrative Assistants can be found in almost all industries but some of the quickest growing fields for this career are medical, education, and legal. Bryant & Stratton College is a premier provider of career-driven online Bachelor’s degrees, Associate’s degrees, and Certificate programs. It is because Bryant & Stratton Online is a leader in delivering Associate’s degrees programs in today’s most lucrative industries, that they are now offering an Associate’s degree program in Administrative Assistant online.

Trying to decide if this is the career for you? People in this career tend to have very specific traits. Administrative Assistants tend to be natural multi-taskers and very organized. They have top-notch communication skills and are theoretical; they like to fully understand how things work. In this profession, employees also have to be very adaptable or flexible and they also have to be self-managed. Also, Administrative Assistants are personable individuals. They are customer service oriented and technically savvy.

The jobs that you can get with an Administrative Assistant degree vary not only by companies and departments, but also by industry as well. Some of the typical job titles that you could hold with a degree in Administrative Assistant include: Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Clerical Supervisor, and Personal Assistant. There are countless possibilities for careers in this field because it is not industry specific.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics stated the following statistics about Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants:

States with the highest concentration of workers in this occupation:
(In percent of state employment)
1. District of Columbia – 2.044%, 12,990 employees
2. New York – 1.677%, 144,800 employees
3. Vermont – 1.584%, 4,770 employees
4. Colorado – 1.515%, 34,880 employees
5. California – 1.442%, 219,310 employees

Top paying states for this occupation:
(Annual mean wage)
1. New Jersey – $52,050
2. New York – $49,140
3. District of Columbia – $48,510
4. Maryland – $48,490
5. Massachusetts – $47,060

As you can see, there is opportunity for high wages and employment in New York State. If you are wondering what salary you might be able to earn by getting a degree in Administrative Assistant, here are some examples of national averages from Administrative Assistant I ($28,000 – $44,000), Executive Assistant ($36,000 – $45,000), Administrative Supervisor ($43,000 – $60,000), Secretary to CEO ($49,000 – 65,000). Administrative professionals also have the opportunity to test for national certification in either Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) or Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) which can help them earn an even higher wage. These certifications are provided through the International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP).

For more information on Bryant & Stratton College’s online degree in Administrative Assistant, please visit:

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