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Skills All Web Developers Need

Learn about some of the vital skills required for a successful career in web development.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, careers in web development are expected to grow. As this the career field flourishes, students earning interactive media degrees need to know what type of skills make them more employable. Technical skills like knowing HTML & CSS, understanding framework and different types of content management systems are all key qualities to being a successful web developer. But, today’s successful professionals need much more.

As you earn an interactive media degree, there are other abilities you’ll need to develop if you want employers to pay attention to your application. Below are four surprising skills all web developers need to advance their careers.

Project Management

The creation of a website is like most other projects. There’s a schedule, a budget, lots of moving parts and many team members to manage. Being able to successfully keep everything balanced is a critical component to being a web developer. You’ll also want to be able to track versions of the site and thoroughly test it before it goes live.  Also keep in mind that depending on where you work you may be building multiple sites at the same time. Time management and keeping efficient processes will not only help you be successful but it will help you stay sane when under deadline!

Understanding the User Experience

Web developers used to be primarily responsible for the back end of a website. But with a growing number of people learning code and platforms that make it easier for anyone to build a website, understanding more about the audience is central to staying competitive as a web developers. When creating a site spending time thinking about the user experience and what a potential audience likes, dislikes and expects will help produce a better site. Being able to show your employer or client that you understand these things should add to job security.

Be a Team Player

Web developers often get a bad rap for being unfriendly, uncooperative and a bit condescending. Especially since you’ll often work in a team, being collaborative, offering encouragement and listening well to others will help you stand out. Not only will your future co-workers appreciate your attitude but also these are the types of characteristics that management often considers when it comes time for promotions.

Communication skills

The interactive design field and specifically web development can be extremely technical. There are a lot of industry terms and jargon to learn. This makes the ability to learn, read and write vital. Whether you’re sending off an email to a co-worker, talking on the phone with a client or presenting an idea to a group of executives having strong written and oral communication skills will come in handy. Additionally you will be responsible for communicating someone’s idea through a website. Being able to take their vision for a site and turn it into an experience users enjoy might be the top asset you have as a web developer.

Starting to develop these skills while you’re still earning your degree is important to your success. Bryant & Stratton College Online aims to help students maximize their employability for career success through its Employability Series. This set of core competencies is integrated in to the College’s online degree programs, to complement occupation-specific training and help graduates get hired. If you are interested in learning about the interactive media degree or any of the online degree programs at Bryant & Stratton College Online, please call 1.888.447.3528 to speak with an admissions representative.

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