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Getting Creative About Gaining Work Experience

It’s really no surprise that employers want candidates with work experience that help demonstrate employability skills. Why wouldn’t they? With so many unemployed and underemployed people, employers have the luxury of being very selective.

Work experience is the key

College graduates may make themselves more marketable with paid or unpaid experience on their resume in addition to their degree. Students in online degree programs can also make time in their academic schedule to gain the same type of work experience as traditional students through internships.

Jodi Shirley was in the elementary education field for years when she decided she wanted to work in criminal justice. She knew work experience would be the key to moving into her new career. Plus, her school required a 120-hour internship.

She works full-time, attends school and has a family with three very active teens. None of that stopped her.

“I waited until summer break and worked at the local police department,” Shirley says. “I started working there the first day I was on vacation and worked 8:30 to 5 every day, with no pay, in the records department.”

For Shirley, it was worth every minute. Read More…

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Advice for First Time Online College Students

Starting your online degree program on the right foot is important. Luckily, Bryant & Stratton College Online requires all new students to complete the First Year Experience Program. This program is designed to give you a support system that will help you succeed in your college years and beyond.

Here are more tips on how to succeed during your first year of college: Read More…

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Placement Tests, What Does it All Mean?

You’ve gotten your transcripts, filled out all the forms, lined up your financing and you’re ready to get rolling on your college education. Depending on where you want to pursue your degree, it may now be test time.

Most colleges require either entrance exams or placement exams, says Christine Gaiser, dean of Student Services for Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College. Entrance exams will be a determining factor in your acceptance, whereas placement exams will determine where and how you get started with classes.

Entrance exams like SATs and ACTs score students on a variety of topics. Those scores are often part of the admission process. Placement exams are administered after acceptance to gauge where a student stands in his or her academics.

Bryant & Stratton College does not require entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, basing acceptance on previous education level (all students must have a high school diploma or GED), GPA and other academic indicators. Then, to help students customize their academic experience students take placement tests to help determine their initial schedule, says Gaiser. Read More…

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Job-Seeking? Identify What Problem You Will Solve

One of the challenges of rethinking our careers these days is how to most effectively position ourselves with a potential employer for maximum opportunity (okay, first to get hired, then for maximum opportunity!). In other words, you and your outstanding skills are the solution to the problem or challenge they face.

Whether you’re writing a cover letter, tailoring a resume, or preparing for a job interview, think about how to demonstrate and document your problem-solving track

The problem or pain point could be as simple as “we need someone reliable who can learn our system quickly and replace the employee we just promoted.” Or it might be “we need someone who knows how to turn our print content into interactive media for our website.” Or perhaps it’s “we need someone who not only understands how healthcare clinics work but also speaks Spanish to help us effectively support the healthcare needs of our growing number of Latino patients.”

Your job is to learn, from the job posting and doing as much research on the organization as possible, what problem, challenge, or opportunity the organization is trying to address through the posted position, and then focus entirely on the value you bring that will help them successfully do so.

Basically, your communications should showcase four things: Read More…

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Misconceptions of Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College

My husband is a self-professed, non-reader. He was never terribly fond of school, or writing or homework. But, he knew if he was going to advance in his career he had to earn a degree.

His buddies convinced him that an online college would be easier. There would be less work, less reading, less writing, they claimed. And, no traffic to travel to class!

They were right about the traffic.

It seems there are a lot of misconceptions about online degree programs.

“People think it is going to be easier than traditional campus classes,” says Ricky Braun, Admissions Manager for Bryant & Stratton College Online Education. “But the curriculum is identical to our other 19 campuses.

“People may think they are going to come and glide through but that’s definitely not the case,” he says.

So, why the confusion? People make a lot of assumptions. Here are the facts: Read More…

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Key Technologies Featured in Office Management Training

If there’s one person who can be considered the “hub” of an office, it’s the administrative assistant. These professionals are typically in charge of doing all the daily activities that keep an office running.iStock_000014539547XSmall[1]

According to a survey by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the biggest self-identified need in administrative assistant training is technology applications. That means, more than ever employers expect administrative assistants and executive secretaries to be tech savvy. The Office Management associate degree and Office Administration Assistant diploma program provides students with courses that focus on key technologies used in the field. Having a foundation in these technologies is important for improving employability skills. Check out the list below and see if you measure up to succeed as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. Read More…

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Will a New Degree at Your Old Job Get You a Raise?

Most people know and understand that the combination of education and work experience will likely help you earn a better salary.

In fact, that is exactly the reason why many adults go back to school after they have been in the workforce. But, does earning your degree while working guarantee you a raise?

No, it does not. However, with the right timing and strategy you just might get a raise when you ask for it. Read More…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Professor in an Online Class

If you are registered for an online course this semester, you may still be acclimating to a learning experience that is much different from a traditional, in-person class. Perhaps the largest difference is that you likely have not met your professor in person, and the vast majority of your interaction throughout the semester will be solely online. Just because you are not meeting with your professor face-to-face on a frequent basis, however, does not mean that you cannot ask him or her questions. Here are five important questions that every student in an online course should ask his or her professor: Read More…

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Athletics Update: Bobcats Soccer Continues to Roll

There has been quite a bit of early season success for the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Bryant & Stratton College. Both teams received top-10 preseason rankings from the USCAA with the men ranking second in the nation and the women ranking eighth.

Less than a week after the initial coach’s poll dropped the women’s soccer team has already climbed two spots to number six while the men have a firm grip on second in their poll. The men’s soccer team have a massive match against University of Maine-Fort Kent this coming weekend, a rematch of last year’s National Championship. They tuned up for the rematch with a solid run of play the last few weeks.

Meanwhile the women rebounded off a tough loss to ASA College with a trio of impressive victories which helped elevate them in the national polls.

Bryant & Stratton College’s cross country team is also up and running, performing well at the University of Rochester Yellow Jacket Invitational; a field made up of a number of strong NCAA programs.

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Instructor Blog: Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Classroom

You’ve researched, read the directions, set yourself up with a coffee in a nice, quiet place. Time to create a paper. Nothing happens.  Your open Word document stares at you, smirking.  Now what? How do you beat writer’s block? Below are some strategies. Read More…

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