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List of Hot Jobs You Can Land with a Finance Degree

Before you put your time and energy into applying for an online degree program, it’s important to research your future job prospects since some jobs have better prospects than others. There are several finance degree jobs considered to have a bright outlook, according to government labor statistics provided on O*Net Online.

In each of the job categories listed below, more than half of those employed in the field have some type of continued education. Bryant & Stratton College offers an AAS in Financial Support Services which can open the doors to prospective employers.

Billing, Cost, and Rate Clerks. A billing cost and rate clerk usually works in a company’s accounting department. In addition to traditional book keeping and accounting tasks, billing and posting clerks work directly with purchase orders, sales tickets, charge slips and/or medical records. They may also deal with shipping agents to negotiate specific rates. In addition to keeping accurate records in regards to invoices and supporting documents, they must also be able to deal directly with customers or customer service representatives at other companies in a professional and efficient manner.

This professional accounting position usually requires at least two years of prior accounting or book keeping experience. Students who graduate from the BS in Financial Services or the AAS in Financial Support Services from Bryant & Stratton College will complete a Capstone project which can assist them in gaining relevant work experience.

The projected job growth is 20 to 28%, which is faster than average.

Sales Agent. A Sales Agent is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of job titles in the financial services sectors. Other job titles include Financial Services Representative, Investment Officer, and Personal Banker. As a sales agent, you will assess your clients’ financial needs and then sell them specific financial services that will benefit their financial health. These services can range from simple check processing services at a bank to more complex trusts or investments. You may also need to contact prospective clients and educate them about the types of financial services your company provides.

The majority of professionals who work as financial sales agents have some type of vocational training or a college degree, combined with one or two years of on-the-job training or internship experience. Our AAS in Financial Support Services will provide the education, training, and experience you need to pursue a career as a financial sales agent.

The prospected job growth outlook is 10% to 19%.

Personal Financial Advisor. As a personal financial advisor, it is your job is to work with clients to establish their current income, debt, retirement plans, current investments, tax status and financial objectives so you can help them create a healthy financial plan. You will remain in touch with your clients in order to stay abreast of any financial or life changes that might alter their plans, and then make financial recommendations accordingly.

The projected job growth is 29% or higher, which is much faster than average.

Contact the Admissions Office at Bryant and Stratton to learn more about the Financial Support Service degree and how you can start down the path towards one of these exciting careers.

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