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Interactive Media Design Careers with a Future

Are you interested in a career that pairs technological acumen with your innate creative abilities? Pursuing a degree in interactive media design is one way to position yourself for a career that is flexible, fun, and lucrative. When you complete your AAS in Interactive Media Design at Bryant & Stratton College, you demonstrate to prospective clients and employers that you are educated and trained in the latest industry-standard hardware and software. These credentials can help you attain your future media design dream job.

Not only will your interactive media career provide a platform for you to use your creative talents to make a living, individuals who work in this arena are often able to work from home, or on a freelance basis. This allows a great deal of flexibility and freedom in your work schedule. The following careers are examples of the type of work you can do with an AAS in Interactive Media Design. All job growth projections through 2020 are provided by O*NET Online.

Three Interactive Media Design Careers of the Future

  1. Web Developers. As a web developer, your technological skills will be weighted slightly ahead of your creative abilities. While you will be instrumental in creating designs and graphics to make your clients’ websites come alive, you will also be responsible for keeping the site running as consistently and glitch-free as possible. Your duties will include designing, building and maintaining websites using authoring or scripting languages. You must ensure your clients’ sites are compatible across devices and operating systems, to accommodate PCs, tablets, and smartphones. You will have to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot any performance problems that arise in a timely manner to ensure the least amount of interruption for your client. The median salary for web development is 62,500 and projected job growth is higher than average.
  2. Web Designers. There was a time when only a few, hip, industries had websites. Now, as technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, it’s difficult for a business to be found without a powerful web presence. Website designers have two very important responsibilities. They must have the intuitive vision to help clients create logos, color schemes, and a cohesive aesthetic tone that suits the company’s brand. Then they must implement that design into a website that can be easily browsed and navigated by prospective and current clients. Once the web design is complete, good web designers will be hired again for future website-related projects.
  3. Multi-media Artists and Animators. This is a dream job for people of all ages. You take whimsical ideas and story lines, or serious plots and scripts, and convert them into visual effects, animation, or images. Your job will allow you to work with a variety of media outlets such as computer games, music videos, commercials, cartoons, and movies.

With a career in multimedia interactive design, you will have the choice of working for a small company, a large design firm, or you may choose to work freelance to have greater control over your schedule and pay. Either way, your degree in interactive media design will pave the way for a successful career.

Please contact the Admissions Office at Bryant & Stratton College to learn more about our Interactive Media Design program.

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