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Illustrating the Financial Aid Process

Applying for and completing financial aid is an important part of the admissions process at Bryant & Stratton College Online. There are a number of steps that need to be completed and using the guidance offered by our financial aid staff can ensure that these steps are completed in a timely manner.

Since every individual’s financial situation is different, the process of completing financial aid is different as well. The graphic attached to this post should serve as an illustration of each step that needs to be taken as you go through financial aid. Some students will be required to submit more information than others (specifically at step four) but with the assistance of a financial aid advisor you can have that information submitted and processed quickly.

As you prepare to submit a FAFSA for the upcoming semester be sure to stay in constant contact with the financial aid department. This will ensure that the steps that you need to complete before receiving your award package are completed quickly and on time so you can receive a schedule well ahead of the first day of classes.

Note: If you right click and select “view image” you will be able to see the full size graphic.

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