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Career Overview: Information Technology

The IT field is wide and varied, as are the jobs and the pay.

And best of all, the field is expanding. According the federal government, the number of available jobs is rising every year, faster than most other fields.

A graduate of Bryant & Stratton College’s Networking Technology or Security Technology associate’s degree programs will likely begin their career manning the IT desk at a company. There, they keep the computer systems running and help other employees who do not have extended IT background, fix any problems they experience using the system.

These jobs often mean working odd hours, weekends and holidays since the computer systems need to be on and functioning 24 hours a day.

The great benefit to growing a career in information technology is that there is plenty of room to move upward. Read More…

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Start your Information Technology Career Today

Technology related jobs are often considered to be only a “young person’s” game. While there is some truth to the under-lying preference for younger workers in at tech companies, there are still plenty of opportunities for older adults interested in IT security training or earning a computer networking degree.

If you are passionate about technology, love to learn and don’t mind working your way up, a career in technology could be a good fit. Too often older adults are scared off from the field because they are intimidated by competing with younger colleagues or unsure of their ability to learn new technology. But, older adults have advantages over the newest generation of employees. If you are thinking about changing careers into a tech field, here are a few ideas to take under consideration. Read More…

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Information Technology Careers You can Land with an Associate Degree

Bryant & Stratton’s information technology degree programs provide students with the foundation to start their career in the growing IT field.

Information technology is embedded into virtually every aspect of modern life, from the way we communicate to the way our personal, business, and financial records are stored and transferred. As such, information technology careers are some of the fastest growing employment sectors worldwide. According to the US Department of Labor, 46 percent of the IT career force is involved in computer systems design services, 43 percent work in custom computer programming services, and 11 percent work in computer facilities management or other IT related services.

Bryant & Stratton College offers three different associate level degrees, each focusing on a different aspect of IT, including Mobile Applications, Networking Technology, and Security Technology. Each of these associates degrees can help you land one of the following information technology careers.

All of the projected job growth statistics through 2020 are provided by O*NET Online. Read More…

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Why More IT Professionals Are Turning to Online Degree Programs

The realm of information technology (IT) is constantly evolving, which is why more students and professionals choose to complete their information technology degree online. There was a time when IT professionals could learn the skills they needed without a formal education. However, in the current market, an IT degree shows business owners, and clients, that an individual has the education, skills, and credentials proving s/he is a professional.

Plus, online degree programs are a convenient choice for those who are already working in the field, and want to continue their education without sacrificing their work or family life. Here are some of the top reasons why more information technology professionals are turning to online degree programs. Read More…

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What You Can Do with a Computer Networking Degree

Before you make the financial and energetic investment required to begin an online degree program, it is a good idea to research the career fields that will open to you upon graduation. Things to consider include whether or not you will enjoy the work required of you, lifetime earning potential and projected employment opportunities over the course of the next decade or two. If you enjoy working with computers, troubleshooting problems, and being a hero for the day when you repair crucial computer and networking glitches, a computer networking degree is a great place to honor your interests and make a difference in the corporate world.

Here are some of the things you can do when you complete a computer networking degree at Bryant & Stratton College. All statistics regarding projected job growth through 2020 is provided by O*Net Online.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

When you work as a network computer systems administrator, you are responsible for installing and supporting a company’s local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN), as well as their internet, hardware and software systems. Once the system is up and running, you will make sure everyone’s system is working and will provide maintenance and technical support as issues arise. In small companies, you may be the single computer support person. In larger companies, you may work in a supervisory position, administering other computer support personnel. The projected employment growth is higher than average.

Computer User Support Specialists

Most computer user support specialists work under a network and computer systems administrator. They may work at a large company, or can be contracted to work from home. They provide computer support to customers who are experiencing problems. In some cases, they may be able to provide instruction over the phone or online. In other cases, they may be required to work on the computer or network in person. Their services are used to provide support for computer hardware and software, in addition to printers, scanners, work processors, email, and operating systems. The projected job growth is average.

Computer Systems Analysts

This is a unique position because in addition to knowing the skills required of other computer support specialists, you will be responsible for evaluating a company or organization’s needs, and then designing the computer and networking system that will accommodate them in the immediate and long-term future. You may help to implement first generation systems, or called upon to review existing systems in order to recommend and implement beneficial improvements. You will review and analyze computer and system performance indicators in order to identify problems and create solutions. The projected job growth is higher than average.

Computer, Automated Teller, and Machine Repairer

As a computer, automated teller and machine repairer, you will understand how to troubleshoot system-wide and network related problems, in addition to repairing the mechanical aspects of business-related equipment such as computers, printers, word processing systems, automated teller machines, copiers and fax machines. You will also be able to educate your clients about the equipment you repair, and make recommendations as to adjustments, improvements, or replacements as needed.

If you are interested in pursuing a computer networking degree at Bryant and Stratton College Online, please contact our Admissions Office. We look forward to assisting you as you navigate your path towards a successful and rewarding career in computer networking.

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Five Questions with an IT Professional

Professional associations can be a terrific resource for anyone starting out their career. In the IT field, an association can be a great way to keep up on changes in the industry. To find out more about the benefits of associations as well as other helpful information about starting an IT career, Bryant & Stratton College spoek with Barbara Viola, owner of VioTech Solutions and Co-Chair Chapter & Regional Support of the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Read More…

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Start a Career in Mobile Application Development: An Online IT Degree

From hailing a cab to buying your friend coffee to tracking your sleep patterns, mobile applications have become part of nearly everything we do. This means the demand for mobile apps – and the professionals who create them – is on the rise. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of applications software developers is expected to grow 28 percent by 2020. As part of our commitment to offer our students the most current and in-demand degrees, Bryant & Stratton College Online is excited to announce a new Information Technology Online Degree with a focus on Mobile Applications Development Associate of Occupational Studies degree.

Read More…

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Up to $1000 Technology Scholarship for all New Technology Students

Here at Bryant & Stratton College online, we have been undergoing some exciting changes, especially with our technology degrees.  Not only is this an exciting time for us, this is all an exciting time for any new student interested in a technology degree.  For the September enrollment, we are offering a new Technology Scholarship!

The Technology Scholarship is available to new students (not previously enrolled in any academic program at the college) who enroll in one of our technology based programs.  The Technology Scholarship is a one-time scholarship awarded during your first semester, and is available in the following amounts: Full-time students ($1000), ¾ time students ($750), Half-time students ($500). The following programs are all eligible for the new Technology Scholarship:

If you have been thinking about coming back to school for a technology based degree, there is no better time! To take advantage of this great opportunity, go to to apply!  Just follow the steps on the page, it’s a simple as 1,2, 3!


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Why Is Technology So Complicated?

Why is technology so complicated?  I don’t understand it already, and I haven’t even gotten started!  My kids know more than I do, and I stay away from it so I don’t look ridiculous. It changes so fast, how can anyone keep up?

I recently visited the Kennedy Space Center. Talk about a fish out of water. I don’t understand the aerodynamics of flight. How is it possible for man to go to that dark, vast, cold place and see remarkable things and return safely to Earth?  Talk about team work.  How are so many minds able to work together for a common goal without the whole project going haywire? I’m intimidated by all the knowledge in a place like this.  As I walk among the buildings seeing what my fellow countrymen have created, the dreams and aspirations they have realized, astound me.  Everyone here didn’t get to walk in space, visit the space station, or have the fame of being the first to walk on the Moon.  But everyone did work together realizing that the mission to space was bigger than just one man, or one team, or one department of NASA.

Read More…

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Interactive Media Design: Turn that App into a Career

The internet and multimedia needs continue to grow at an incredible rate; from web site design and implementation, email blasts and web landing pages, new media marketing and presentations to the blending of video and audio on the World Wide Web. Often people think of video games when they hear interactive media. Video games are just the tip of the iceberg. When someone says “there’s an App for that” those applications on an IPhone are products of interactive media as well.  Every day, it seems more jobs are created in the interactive universe.

The demand continues to outpace the supply as new media outlets are born at an amazing rate. Once you’ve earned your Associate Degree in Interactive Media Design from Bryant & Stratton College Online, you can apply at  web development firms, advertising agencies, production companies, and corporate interactive departments to name a few.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting – edge software programs such as Adobe Director®, Flash®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator® as well as introduce students to XML, XHTML, SQL, PHP, Unix ,SQL &CGI script and JavaScript.

Our Interactive Media Design Degree program is the right choice if you are looking to combine your individual artistic abilities with complex technological skills. This program was created from the insights of both local and national employers who keep us current on the latest technical skills and professional competencies they expect to be displayed by their employees. You’ll learn first- hand from renowned industry professionals who have practiced what they teach. The program integrates the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of interactive content.

I Don’t Have the Time. Are Online Degree Programs Convenient?

Life happens. From work to family; we understand that your schedule is already packed. Earning your education online allows you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. Bryant & Stratton College Online offers the flexibility to work on your degree when it works best for you.  There is no scheduled class time, except for project due dates, and it’s up to you to log in and work on your assignments at your own pace

You may earn a fully accredited Associates Degree in less than two years! That means that a better future is right around the corner. Bryant & Stratton College Online has a unique three-semester calendar; that means you can earn your Associate Degree fast – often in as few as 20 months. These shorter times to graduation are possible when you attend full-time for consecutive semesters.

So what are you waiting for? Research our Interactive Media Design degree program today and get a clearer vision of your tomorrow.

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