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Instructor Blog: Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Classroom

You’ve researched, read the directions, set yourself up with a coffee in a nice, quiet place. Time to create a paper. Nothing happens.  Your open Word document stares at you, smirking.  Now what? How do you beat writer’s block? Below are some strategies. Read More…

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Struggling in a Class? We’re Here to Help!!

Life can get in the way of success for a student.

One day away from the books might turn into a week. And suddenly, you can find yourself not just falling behind, but failing.

The key to recovery after any roadblock you face in class is to keep in contact with your academic advisor and, or, your academic success coach, as well as your instructor.

Working double shifts this week? Let them know. Death in the family? Let them know. Kids come home from preschool with lice? Let them know. They can adjust your due dates for assignments accordingly.

And if you are not contacting them, they will reach out to you. Read More…

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Don’t Let Social Media Kill Your Career

Social media can kill your career. That’s not surprising, nor is it new. But right now, with recent college graduates out there job hunting and since it is an election year, this is a great time to be warned again. People are overlooked for job interviews and promotions and they get fired, all for making inappropriate posts on social media. social-media block

“People need to be reminded,” said Deborah Brown-Volkman, professional certified coach at, “just like every year at Christmas time, we remind them not to drink too much at the office party or tell the boss what they think of him.”

Because people use social media 24/7, saving your career means more than just deleting those Friday night photos. Here’s what you need to know to avoid committing social media career killers. Read More…

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How to Be Successful in Class All Semester Long

Are you taking a class this fall? Is it the first time, in a long time, you have been in a classroom? Nervous?

Take a deep breath.

When you earn your degree with Bryant & Stratton College, there are safeguards in place to help you succeed. The college offers every student access to their professors, academic advisors, academic success coaches and tutors. And before class starts, read up on these five tips on how to be successful in class this semester.Bryant & Stratton College Student Lounge Read More…

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Bryant & Stratton College On Campus Childcare is a Gamechanger for Students

Tamara Porter was stuck.

She had moved to a new city with her 3-year-old son. There was no family nearby who could help watch him while she went back to school. Her son had speech impediments and needed to be in a daycare she could trust to work with his special needs.

And, there was little extra money to pay for daycare while she worked and attended classes.Childrens Center

When she applied to Bryant & Stratton College in Hampton, Va., the flexible schedule and personal service were not the only perk. Her campus also offered on campus childcare.

“My son loves it. He really loves it,” she said. “I can be at home and tell him to get ready and he won’t move. Then I say we are going to class and he jumps up.”

Porter earned her counseling associate degree and is now working at the child care center on campus helping other working parents achieve their goals.

“People come in the middle of the semester when their other childcare plans fall through,” she said. “People come and say, ‘if this wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to go to class. It’s a lifesaver.’” Read More…

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Instructor Sit Down: A Q&A with Tamryn Spruill

Tamryn Spruill was standing in a cranberry field, on an island off the coast of Finland, and thinking.

She had headed to Europe as a reprieve after the economic collapse in 2007 forced her out of her job at a Manhattan law firm where she worked as a finance editor. She had climbed the corporate ladder there after beginning her professional life by earning a journalism degree at the University of South Carolina.

Now, with Wall Street in ruins, Tamryn stepped back and realized that this was her new beginning. And she embraced it.

“It became clear that when I returned to the U.S. I would get out of the rat race of New York City to pursue something that excited me creatively, intellectually, and spiritually. Like many who endured the hardship of layoff but found it to be a blessing in disguise,” she said. Read More…

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Instructor’s Blog: Final Exam Tips from an Instructor’s Perspective

Many students are stressed about final exams, and I’d like to offer some strategies to alleviate some of that stress.  The first step for succeeding at a final exam is to find out what you can about your final exam. There is usually a brief description of the final exam located in the tracking calendar (which is your best friend!). Also, many final exams are not timed, which means you can open the activity and submit it at a later date. Here are a few more final exam tips to remember this semester and beyond:

Final exams are not mysteries

Final exams are not meant as a torture device, testing students on random, obscure knowledge. Your final exam will address course outcomes (which are also in the tracking calendar) and content presented throughout the course. Preparing for a final exam, even before you can view it, should involve reviewing lectures, textbook reading and especially past assignments. Look closely at the feedback from your instructor. Identify areas where you struggle and focus on those. Read More…

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Five Skills Emphasized by Online Learning

Many students find the flexibility and diversity of online courses appealing, but online learning also emphasizes a number of skills that prospective students should have (or should be able to build) to excel in this class format. These skills include:

  1. Flexibility

The flexibility of online learning is a large part of its appeal, but it’s important to note that it also requires flexibility from its students. Online education uses different strategies and tools than traditional in-person education, and online learners must be open to these potentially unfamiliar methods, as well as willing to go outside their comfort zone. Read More…

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3 Resources for Extra Help as an Online Student

Being an online student has many perks. Online classes are often more flexible than in-person courses, which means you may be able to do your classwork whenever it best fits in your schedule. Online education also incorporates a wide variety of subjects, and you may not be limited to what is being offered on the physical campus that semester. But leaving the brick and mortar classroom, and a teacher who you see face-to-face regularly, can be an intimidating experience that leaves you unsure of where to turn when you need extra help in a course. Fortunately, there are many resources available online, just like your class. Here are three key resources for online students: Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Key Habits of “A” Students

After teaching for over seven years, I wanted to share some attributes of successful students. All students have challenges with work and family obligations, but there are characteristics that “A” students share despite obstacles and commitments.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the best practices of my most successful students is looking over assignments early in the week. This allows plenty of time to email instructors with any questions as well as produce your best possible work.

Print the Tracking Calendar

We don’t want our students to be surprised. Instructors spend time creating a tracking calendar that outlines assignments and due dates. Spending the time writing assignments on your personal calendar can prevent end of session stress!  Also, often times the directions for a major assessment such as a portfolio project or midterm will be posted early. My best students begin looking at the directions and asking questions, even in week 1!                                                                                         Read More…

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