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Why College Certificate Programs Are Increasing in Popularity

Certificate programs provide nationally recognized credentials that can replace or supplement a traditional degree program. They are offered in a wide variety of subjects, from IT security and web design to business finance and human resources compliance. Certificate programs are increasing in popularity for several reasons. These reasons include their ability to be completed in a reasonable time frame and their flexibility in regards to existing work and life schedules.

Certifications will enhance your resume potential and may often boost an employee’s earning potential. A certification program can serve as the bridge between an old career pathway and a new one. In some cases, companies require specific certifications preceding an employee’s advancement and/or wage increase.

Here are some of the many reasons you may want to pursue one of the many certificate programs offered at Bryant & Stratton College. Read More…

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Make Sure Your Professional Brand Stays With You

By now most of us have gotten the message that we’re all self-employed, regardless of whom we work for. We’re in charge of our careers and job opportunities, and that means being ready to land on our feet should a pink slip happen to land on our desk. And a big part of that “being ready” is making sure that you’ve built up professional visibility – your brand – outside your employer.

Although losing a job is tough, finding a new one will be much easier if you’ve taken steps to become professionally visible outside the universe of your company and co-workers. What are some of the ways you can do this? Read More…

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Should I Stop Using Social Media?

We’ve all heard horror stories about individuals who have gotten fired from their job or weren’t considered for a job because of something they posted on Facebook or Twitter. These cautionary tales have us double and triple checking our privacy settings. Does this mean you should stop using social media if you are on the job hunt or as a safe way to approach career management?

According to panelists at the July “Job Ready or Not?” event, hosted by Bryant & Stratton College Online, if used appropriately, social media can be an asset during your job search. The event’s panel consisted of HR and hiring experts from CareerBuilder, Enterprise, Humana, Marriott International and Microsoft

Rather than offering anecdotes about why you should be careful about what photos you post, panelists focused on how to leverage social media to your advantage. Read More…

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Advice for First Time Online College Students

Starting your online degree program on the right foot is important. Luckily, Bryant & Stratton College Online requires all new students to complete the First Year Experience Program. This program is designed to give you a support system that will help you succeed in your college years and beyond.

Here are more tips on how to succeed during your first year of college: Read More…

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Placement Tests, What Does it All Mean?

You’ve gotten your transcripts, filled out all the forms, lined up your financing and you’re ready to get rolling on your college education. Depending on where you want to pursue your degree, it may now be test time.

Most colleges require either entrance exams or placement exams, says Christine Gaiser, dean of Student Services for Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College. Entrance exams will be a determining factor in your acceptance, whereas placement exams will determine where and how you get started with classes.

Entrance exams like SATs and ACTs score students on a variety of topics. Those scores are often part of the admission process. Placement exams are administered after acceptance to gauge where a student stands in his or her academics.

Bryant & Stratton College does not require entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, basing acceptance on previous education level (all students must have a high school diploma or GED), GPA and other academic indicators. Then, to help students customize their academic experience students take placement tests to help determine their initial schedule, says Gaiser. Read More…

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Misconceptions of Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College

My husband is a self-professed, non-reader. He was never terribly fond of school, or writing or homework. But, he knew if he was going to advance in his career he had to earn a degree.

His buddies convinced him that an online college would be easier. There would be less work, less reading, less writing, they claimed. And, no traffic to travel to class!

They were right about the traffic.

It seems there are a lot of misconceptions about online degree programs.

“People think it is going to be easier than traditional campus classes,” says Ricky Braun, Admissions Manager for Bryant & Stratton College Online Education. “But the curriculum is identical to our other 19 campuses.

“People may think they are going to come and glide through but that’s definitely not the case,” he says.

So, why the confusion? People make a lot of assumptions. Here are the facts: Read More…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Professor in an Online Class

If you are registered for an online course this semester, you may still be acclimating to a learning experience that is much different from a traditional, in-person class. Perhaps the largest difference is that you likely have not met your professor in person, and the vast majority of your interaction throughout the semester will be solely online. Just because you are not meeting with your professor face-to-face on a frequent basis, however, does not mean that you cannot ask him or her questions. Here are five important questions that every student in an online course should ask his or her professor: Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Classroom

You’ve researched, read the directions, set yourself up with a coffee in a nice, quiet place. Time to create a paper. Nothing happens.  Your open Word document stares at you, smirking.  Now what? How do you beat writer’s block? Below are some strategies. Read More…

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Struggling in a Class? We’re Here to Help!!

Life can get in the way of success for a student.

One day away from the books might turn into a week. And suddenly, you can find yourself not just falling behind, but failing.

The key to recovery after any roadblock you face in class is to keep in contact with your academic advisor and, or, your academic success coach, as well as your instructor.

Working double shifts this week? Let them know. Death in the family? Let them know. Kids come home from preschool with lice? Let them know. They can adjust your due dates for assignments accordingly.

And if you are not contacting them, they will reach out to you. Read More…

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Don’t Let Social Media Kill Your Career

Social media can kill your career. That’s not surprising, nor is it new. But right now, with recent college graduates out there job hunting and since it is an election year, this is a great time to be warned again. People are overlooked for job interviews and promotions and they get fired, all for making inappropriate posts on social media. social-media block

“People need to be reminded,” said Deborah Brown-Volkman, professional certified coach at, “just like every year at Christmas time, we remind them not to drink too much at the office party or tell the boss what they think of him.”

Because people use social media 24/7, saving your career means more than just deleting those Friday night photos. Here’s what you need to know to avoid committing social media career killers. Read More…

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