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Is a Medical Coding Certificate Good for my Career Choice?

Prospective students interested in health care certifications often begin their educational journey asking, “is medical billing and coding a good career choice?” For many, returning to school consumes valuable time, energy, and monetary resources. Researching prospective career opportunities beforehand is key to a successful educational experience. Medical billing and coding careers offer the chance to work in multiple medical settings, making it a wise choice for those who want to enter the health care field.

Medical billing and coding professionals enjoy tremendous job flexibility, often creating their own hours and schedules or even starting their own medical billing company. Read More…

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Medical Assisting Grant Now Available to New Students

Bryant & Stratton College has recently introduced an exciting educational grant program for new Medical Assisting students who begin their degree program in September 2016.

Students enrolling in the Medical Assisting associate degree at Bryant & Stratton College, this fall, now have another way to help pay for school.

New students enrolling in the Medical Assisting degree program may be eligible for up to $6,000 in grant funds that will be applied to their tuition cost. This grant provides students valuable savings as students complete some of the most important courses of their 60-credit associate degree in Medical Assisting.

The Medical Assisting associate degree program provides a high-quality education designed to propel graduating students into the medical assisting career field. In addition to academics, Bryant & Stratton College focuses on career-ready education as a cornerstone of this program.  Key employer feedback was utilized in determining the courses and career preparation which make up this degree program. A strong mix of classroom and lab work ensures student complete the program with a foundation in the theory and practice necessary to succeed as a Medical Assistant.

With the Medical Assisting grant, students will gain a decided financial advantage towards a degree program in an exciting, growing professional field.

Upon applying for the Medical Assisting program, students will work with their personal admissions and financial aid representatives to apply for the grant. If eligible, the grant will be applied to their tuition costs in separate increments as they complete the degree program, ensuring the tuition savings are spread across multiple semesters.

To learn more about this exciting grant program, call 1-888-836-9748 or apply today!


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Bryant & Stratton College Allied Health Club Helps Community and Each Other

The most important word in this student groups’ title, is “allied”.

Together, they raise money to help local nonprofits. Together, they host blood drives to bring much needed blood to the sick. Together they are students in both medical and non-medical fields driven by a single mission: to help their community

“I personally like the enthusiasm our club brings to brain storm ideas on fundraisers and where to donate our fundraising funds to,” said Len Lukasik president of the Allied Health Club, at the Bryant & Stratton College Milwaukee campus.


“We work together to help out each other in so many different ways, that we are almost like a big family. It shows how our club members get behind one student who is asking for club participation and then receives a bunch of volunteers to help out in an event,” he said.

Every year the club holds a minimum of six fundraisers. Each time, the profits are donated to a local organization such as the American Red Cross, The AIDS Resource Center or The Milwaukee Women’s Center, among others.

And, each time you see a blood drive on campus, that too is the work of the Allied Health Club as they partner with the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Student membership is free. Each member is only asked to give “time, treasure or talent,” Lukasik said. Read More…

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Overcoming Even the Most Difficult “Ands” In Life

Rosie Gourdine was building her home healthcare business. The mother of five, who children ranged in age from 23 to five, had just finished medical assisting school and was deciding her next step.

Bryant & Stratton College recruiters called. And called. And called.FB-Rosie

And after six months, Rosie decided this was the right move for her and her business. She enrolled in the associate degree in Medical Reimbursement and Coding and set her sights on graduation.

Then, her mother died.

And, her house burned down.

And, she moved across country.

But Rosie, was back in class the next day – after every single incident. Read More…

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Tap into Nursing with the National Student Nurses Association Richmond Chapter

Nursing students can often spend 40 hours a week attending class, clinicals and internships.

Who has time for extracurricular activities?

The National Student Nurses’ Association is not a typical activity. This club can help students further their career.

Tiyana Thomas, president of the National Student Nurses’ Association chapter at Bryant & Stratton University’s Richmond Campus said the organization’s primary goal is to mentor and help professionally develop nursing students.Nursing AAS2

And organizers start by making sure nursing students can join. With little time to hold down jobs, the $35 national membership fee can be a burden. The Richmond chapter instituted a Play to Pay program. If students attend two meetings, and volunteer at a NSNA event, their fee is reimbursed.

Thomas said the program has doubled the chapter’s membership after a single semester. Read More…

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Digital Marketing and Physical Therapist Assistant Degrees Come to Bryant & Stratton College

Students at Bryant & Stratton College will have the opportunity to pursue two new academic programs this fall as the school has announced programs in Digital Marketing and Physical Therapist Assistant.

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program awards an associate in applied science (AAS) degree upon successful completion of the program, which is offered at Bryant & Stratton College campuses in New York (Orchard Park and Syracuse), Ohio (Parma) and Wisconsin (Wauwatosa).

Classes focus on the theory and practice utilized in a variety of healthcare settings through the assessment of skills, client/patient-centered and evidence-based interventions, as well as documentation and intervention planning. This structure ensures the program combines key in-class theory and hands-on, real-world scenarios. Read More…

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Jobs and Career Outlooks with a Healthcare Administration Degree

There has never been a better time to pursue a healthcare administration degree. As the “Baby Boomer” generation begins to retire, they create a two-fold need for qualified candidates entering field of healthcare. Retirees will leave their positions wide open for the next generation of healthcare administrators and – as they age – they will create a larger demand for employees in all aspects of healthcare. Whether you plan to begin your career in the field of medicine and work up to an administration position, or plan to enter the field of healthcare administration directly after obtaining a degree, your job and career outlooks are resoundingly positive.
Read More…

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Earn up to $6,000 in Grants Towards your Medical Assisting Degree!

Bryant & Stratton College has recently introduced an exciting educational grant program for new Medical Assisting students who begin their degree program in May 2016.

Qualifying students enrolling in our Medical Assisting associate degree program will be eligible for up to $6,000 in funds, which will be awarded through the Medical Assisting Opportunity Grant Program. This new grant provides students valuable savings as they pursue a rewarding degree in Medical Assisting. Read More…

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New Blended Programs at Bryant & Stratton College Combine the best of Campus and Online

Whether you’re trying to run errands, mow the lawn, make dinner or attend school; time is rarely on your side. So, rather than try to figure out how to fit a full time course load into your busy schedule, Bryant & Stratton College has an alternative.

We are proud to introduce two new blended degree programs for students pursuing an associate degree in Medical Reimbursement and Coding or Business. Our new blended programs provide students the fit and feel of a true on-campus degree program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program. The hallmark of our blended degree programs is that students are only expected to be on campus one day a week. The rest of your coursework is completed online!

Students will take two classes at a time over a seven and a half week session. This schedule combines to equate to five full-time semesters, meaning you earn your degree in the same amount of time as a student who is going 100% on campus or online. Read More…

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Keys to Learning Medical Terminology

An understanding of Medical Terminology is a vitally important trait for individuals working in a number of roles in the medical field. Find out a few helpful hints and tips on mastering this essential subject.

If you are earning a medical administration degree the difference between osteopathology and osteoporosis is as important to your future career as a chef knowing the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon. Even in clinical roles that involve little or no direct patient care knowing medical terminology is a big part of the job.

But, you don’t have to memorize an entire medical dictionary to develop a strong vocabulary. Once you start to understand a few key things about the words, it will be easier to recall their definitions. Read More…

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