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Instructor Blog: The Importance of Reflection

Some students may wonder why there is such a focus on reflection.  Reflection is not only about helping you remember what you learned, it is learning. The results from a Harvard Business School study confirm that reflection is essential to learning.  A study was done with two groups of people. Both groups were given a test. One group was asked to write down strategies that would be helpful in a future test. The other group was not. The group that reflected performed significantly better (Christensen, n.d., para. 5).  You can follow the link below to read more and also follow a link to the study itself.iStock_000004761101XSmall

Reflection serves two main purposes. By reflecting on content again, you are helping it move from short term to long term memory. Connecting learning to how you will use it in your field helps it become more relevant. Also, by reflecting on strategies, you are becoming a stronger learner. This process is also known as metacognition, which is thinking about thinking.  This sounds really academic, but it means asking questions like “Did I study enough? Did I study effectively? What can I do differently next time?”

While courses are structured to encourage reflection, students will get the most benefit by putting reflection into action. At the end of session, many students say they will log in to the course on Sunday to look at the week’s assignments, or begin assignments sooner. Obviously, this knowledge is only valuable for students who actually implement these strategies. Read More…

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Overcoming Even the Most Difficult “Ands” In Life

Rosie Gourdine was building her home healthcare business. The mother of five, who children ranged in age from 23 to five, had just finished medical assisting school and was deciding her next step.

Bryant & Stratton College recruiters called. And called. And called.FB-Rosie

And after six months, Rosie decided this was the right move for her and her business. She enrolled in the associate degree in Medical Reimbursement and Coding and set her sights on graduation.

Then, her mother died.

And, her house burned down.

And, she moved across country.

But Rosie, was back in class the next day – after every single incident. Read More…

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Tap into Nursing with the National Student Nurses Association Richmond Chapter

Nursing students can often spend 40 hours a week attending class, clinicals and internships.

Who has time for extracurricular activities?

The National Student Nurses’ Association is not a typical activity. This club can help students further their career.

Tiyana Thomas, president of the National Student Nurses’ Association chapter at Bryant & Stratton University’s Richmond Campus said the organization’s primary goal is to mentor and help professionally develop nursing students.Nursing AAS2

And organizers start by making sure nursing students can join. With little time to hold down jobs, the $35 national membership fee can be a burden. The Richmond chapter instituted a Play to Pay program. If students attend two meetings, and volunteer at a NSNA event, their fee is reimbursed.

Thomas said the program has doubled the chapter’s membership after a single semester. Read More…

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From a Cult to the Courtroom

Aaron Penn spent his childhood in a cult.

The religious sect, of which his parents were prominent members, taught followers to believe the world was ending. When his young cousin was denied a blood transfusion because of his family’s beliefs, and died soon after, the traumatic experience left Aaron asking questions.

When he was excommunicated he walked away from that life, with answers.

“I couldn’t care less if the adults don’t want to take blood transfusions, but the children, they can’t do that to the children,” he said.

Now, he’s working toward becoming a lawyer, so he can give children like his cousin a voice. Read More…

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The Top 5 Mistakes Students Make in Online Classes

Taking an online course can be a welcome change of pace from a traditional, in-person class, no matter whether it is your first or fifth experience with online education. However, if you are about to take your first online course, you may be nervous about how to do your best. If you are, take note of the top five mistakes students make in online classes: Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Communicating with your Instructor

Instructors are an essential resource for students. As an instructor, I am always happy to provide clarification on a student regarding course content or feedback on a grade.  From an instructor perspective, I wanted to offer insight into different ways to reach instructors, and how to ensure a prompt response. Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Why English 101?

Students may wonder why ENGL 101 is required at Bryant & Stratton College. Why is writing research papers relevant for our students? The two biggest reasons are success in other courses, and to master writing and research skills that will be used in any field. Read More…

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Instructor Sit Down: A Q&A with Tamryn Spruill

Tamryn Spruill was standing in a cranberry field, on an island off the coast of Finland, and thinking.

She had headed to Europe as a reprieve after the economic collapse in 2007 forced her out of her job at a Manhattan law firm where she worked as a finance editor. She had climbed the corporate ladder there after beginning her professional life by earning a journalism degree at the University of South Carolina.

Now, with Wall Street in ruins, Tamryn stepped back and realized that this was her new beginning. And she embraced it.

“It became clear that when I returned to the U.S. I would get out of the rat race of New York City to pursue something that excited me creatively, intellectually, and spiritually. Like many who endured the hardship of layoff but found it to be a blessing in disguise,” she said. Read More…

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3 Resources for Extra Help as an Online Student

Being an online student has many perks. Online classes are often more flexible than in-person courses, which means you may be able to do your classwork whenever it best fits in your schedule. Online education also incorporates a wide variety of subjects, and you may not be limited to what is being offered on the physical campus that semester. But leaving the brick and mortar classroom, and a teacher who you see face-to-face regularly, can be an intimidating experience that leaves you unsure of where to turn when you need extra help in a course. Fortunately, there are many resources available online, just like your class. Here are three key resources for online students: Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Key Habits of “A” Students

After teaching for over seven years, I wanted to share some attributes of successful students. All students have challenges with work and family obligations, but there are characteristics that “A” students share despite obstacles and commitments.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the best practices of my most successful students is looking over assignments early in the week. This allows plenty of time to email instructors with any questions as well as produce your best possible work.

Print the Tracking Calendar

We don’t want our students to be surprised. Instructors spend time creating a tracking calendar that outlines assignments and due dates. Spending the time writing assignments on your personal calendar can prevent end of session stress!  Also, often times the directions for a major assessment such as a portfolio project or midterm will be posted early. My best students begin looking at the directions and asking questions, even in week 1!                                                                                         Read More…

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