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Graduate Spotlight: Switching Gears to Criminal Justice Studies

Nikki Ninmann had intended to be a nurse.

Several years ago, she began nursing school and was working at a local hospital. But, each day as she worked with patients, especially those who came in with injuries due to a criminal activity, she became more interested in what happened before they arrived and after they left her care.

“I realized I enjoyed I really enjoyed the criminal side of things,” she said. “I decided to look into schools and see if a Criminal Justice Studies degree was something I could obtain. Obviously, it all worked out.”

Nikki had jumped the first hurdle. She found a course of study she was passionate about. Now, she had to balance that with being a single mom of two, a full-time employee at a local grill and full-time student.

“It certainly was not easy,” she said. Read More…

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Blazing a Path to Success

When Elizabeth Cotroneo-Wheeler stepped onto the stage to speak at her college graduation she looked out into the audience and individually thanked each of her three young children.

The looks on their faces, Elizabeth said, was worth every difficult or stressful moment during the two years she worked to stand there that day.

“My oldest child said if I could take classes while taking care of them, then he could do it,” Elizabeth said. “They really enjoyed being at the ceremony to take part in my accomplishment.” Read More…

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Kris Akins: A Life Changing Experience

Working as a cashier in a grocery store, Kris Akins knew enough about the business world to realize that it offered many opportunities, but a college degree would be necessary to make the most of them. Her goal was to get a degree with a broad focus so she could use it in many different ways. She found that the Bryant & Stratton College Online’s Associate’s Degree in Business program offered just the approach she was looking for: a broad-based business curriculum offered in a convenient format that would enable her to continue working while a student. Read More…

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Traveling for the Tassel at Bryant & Stratton College Online graduation

Bryant & Stratton College Online is proud to have produced nearly 400 graduates in 2015. One of the most unique aspects of our Online campus is that we have students in every corner of the United States. many of our students are making their way to Buffalo, NY to cross the stage as part of the Class of 2015.

Just over 20% of our Online graduates will be making their way to Buffalo while nearly 23% will travel to other Bryant & Stratton College graduation ceremonies in the coming weeks. Our graduates will cover 23,134 miles in total as they travel to Buffalo with some students traveling over 2,000 miles to cross the stage.

The infographic below details even more about where our Online graduates are coming from this year as they travel for the tassel (right click and select View Image to see the full size graphic). Read More…

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From Combat Boots to the Corporate Ladder

By: Josh Galle, Veterans and Government Recruiting Lead and Kelly Young, Human Resources Program Manager at Humana

Like many corporations, Humana has recognized the value that military veterans bring to the workforce.   From strong project management skills to punctuality and extensive travel experience, Veterans are an attractive candidate pool.  However, finding practical ways to translate your military experience into layman’s terms as someone transitioning out of the Service can be difficult.   Here are some tips to help you sell your military experience in the corporate world. Read More…

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Promoting Dedication

Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re balancing work, school and promotions as Brian Germann found out during his time at Bryant & Stratton College Online.

Germann has been working at DuPont’s Tonawanda, NY plant for over 20 years and took his first step towards advancing his career by pursuing an associate’s degree in IT-Networking. He completed that degree at Bryant & Stratton’s Southtowns campus in 2006 and almost immediately began to see the fruits of his labor.

It took less than two years for Germann to be promoted and even after seeing his first degree pay off his supervisors were recommending that he earn another degree. They recommended he consider a path in the business field, this time.

Taking the time to carefully research the school he would choose for his bachelor’s degree, Germann considered a number of private schools in the Buffalo area before deciding that online education was the path he wished to follow. Read More…

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Life After Graduation: A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

When Desiree Shealy was a child, she watched police officers in action on tv. And she loved what she saw.

She said watched them catch the bad guys, help the old lady get her purse back and ticket the speeder who was endangering everyone around him.

“I always thought it was so neat,” she said. “I always enjoyed the way people looked up to an officer as a friend, helper and protector.”

It was who she wanted to be. Now, thanks to her associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Bryant & Stratton College, it is who she is.

Desiree is a corporal with the Newberry, S.C. police department.

But, is being an officer everything she hoped it would be? Read More…

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Finding time to make a change

Realizing it’s time for a change doesn’t need to come from a major life change. In fact, many people decide that it’s time to pursue a new direction even when they’re in a great situation.

That was exactly the situation Yen Klikna found herself in when she decided to enroll in the Medical Reimbursement and Coding associates degree program at Bryant & Stratton College Online.

Klikna was working full time as a manager at a dispatch authority, making a quality living for her family. However, the job required that she needed to be on call most days. Combined with the commute to and from the job, her time was limited at home with her family. So she decided to start doing research on a career change that could give her more time at home.

“My priorities changed,” Klikna said. “I have a 3 year old daughter and I wanted to spend more time with her. I was tired of being stuck in traffic every day.” Read More…

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