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Placement Tests, What Does it All Mean?

You’ve gotten your transcripts, filled out all the forms, lined up your financing and you’re ready to get rolling on your college education. Depending on where you want to pursue your degree, it may now be test time.

Most colleges require either entrance exams or placement exams, says Christine Gaiser, dean of Student Services for Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College. Entrance exams will be a determining factor in your acceptance, whereas placement exams will determine where and how you get started with classes.

Entrance exams like SATs and ACTs score students on a variety of topics. Those scores are often part of the admission process. Placement exams are administered after acceptance to gauge where a student stands in his or her academics.

Bryant & Stratton College does not require entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, basing acceptance on previous education level (all students must have a high school diploma or GED), GPA and other academic indicators. Then, to help students customize their academic experience students take placement tests to help determine their initial schedule, says Gaiser. Read More…

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Get a Jumpstart on the Admissions Process

The college admissions process used to involve an elaborate set of steps including hand-written forms and a plethora of paperwork. Fortunately, the internet has completely transformed the experience. There are a number of resources available to students who may need to obtain transfer credits before applying or for those who simply want to do additional research prior to making their decision. The admissions process is also easier online. Prospective students can complete the bulk of their college admissions forms and requirements online, using a computer, keyboard, and about an hour or two of uninterrupted time. Read More…

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Online vs. Campus Classes – What is the Right Choice?

Deciding whether or not to pursue your degree online or on campus can be a tough choice. Both online and campus-based classes offer a number of significant benefits to students. Some students are served best by the flexibility and convenience of online courses while others need to be in the classroom to truly succeed.

As you make your decision between attending classes online or on campus with Bryant & Stratton College, consider this questions before making your final choice. Read More…

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Bryant & Stratton College Admissions Tips

Applying for college is no small feat. It represents the first step in a process that will culminate with you crossing the stage as a college graduate. That’s why it is so important to complete the Bryant & Stratton College admissions process in a timely manner.

The admissions team at Bryant & Stratton College understands that today’s college students are often juggling a number of responsibilities. Whether that is work, family responsibilities or completing your final year of high school, we know that completing the admissions process isn’t the only thing you’re working on at any given time. We have taken steps to streamline our admissions process for both online and on-campus students and the following tips will help make that process a breeze.

Here are some tips for ensuring your college application is well received: Read More…

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The Ins and Outs of Transferring Credits at Bryant & Stratton College

Not happy with your current college? Want to transfer to a new alma mater?

The process for transferring credits to Bryant & Stratton College can be easy and quick, with an entire staff at Bryant & Stratton dedicated to making that transition as smooth as possible.

“We like to be very transfer friendly for these students and we can have a very short turn around if they can provide us with a transcript,” said Chris Gaiser, Bryant & Stratton College Online Dean of Student Services.

The registrar’s office has one lucky employee who spends everyday, all day, evaluating transfer transcripts to insure that as many credits as possible are transferred in from the previous school. In fact, each campus has a registrar who works with transfer credit evaluations. An academic advisor then creates a schedule for the new student to help them reach their graduation goals as quickly as possible. Read More…

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Be Prepared Before Applying to School

Enrolling in classes at Bryant & Stratton College Online is a straightforward process that requires a few short steps to be completed. The required steps are communicated to our students by their Admissions Representative once they’ve completed their initial admissions interview. There are additional steps that a student can take to ensure their enrollment goes as quickly as possible.

The support offered by our admissions staff is second to none. From your first interview all the way until your first day of class, your personal Admissions Representative is there to guide you through the process of getting enrolled. They will require that you complete certain steps and submit required documents throughout this process. While many of the steps cannot be completed ahead of time, there are a few things that can be done to help speed up your enrollment: Read More…

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Admissions 101: Advice from the Experts

                                       With Labor Day fast approaching this weekend, for many, the end of summer means back to school. Deciding to enroll in college is a life changing event, and deserves that level of preparation when making the decision. Here are some helpful tips and insight into the college admissions process from the pros: our Admission’s Team!


1. What are common questions students have during the application and enrollment processes?

“Students are always concerned about how to finance their education and if the program will be affordable and worth the     investment. They often inquire about program length, whether or not there is an application fee and what the job outlook for their chosen field of interest is currently.” – Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative

2. What kinds of higher education questions should be asked by prospective college students?

“Students should absolutely make sure they are asking about a school’s accreditation. Choosing a school that is regionally accredited is very important to ensure their degree is recognized everywhere. Surprisingly, a regional accreditation is higher ranking than a school with a national accreditation – Brooke Urban, Associate Admissions Representative

3. What are the college admissions requirements at Bryant & Stratton College Online?

“There is a 5 step admissions process. First students will fill out a free online application for the program they are interested in. Secondly students will fill out their financial aid application or “FAFSA”. This way financial aid can begin building the student an award letter to show them exactly what aid they are eligible for. The 3rd step is to draft a short admissions essay describing themselves, what program they picked, why online education works best for them, and how they plan to be successful in the online environment. The 4th step is to fill out a transcript request form for every any high school or college the student attended. This gives us permission to obtain their transcripts, which we will do for the student at no fee. The 5th and final step requires students to complete two placement exams in Math and English to. help us schedule the student in the correct classes.” – Don Lando, Associate Director of Admissions

4. What are the three top qualities you need as a student to succeed in your college courses?

“Motivation – College is not going to be walk in the park. It’s a challenge, but once you earn a degree your life can change tremendously.” – Ricky Braun, Senior Admissions Representative

“Communication- stay in contact with instructors, advisors and fellow students to help keep you on track and connected.”  -Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative

“Organization- Designate a study area in your home” – Don Lando, Associate Director of Admissions

5. What is your advice on how to balancing coursework and a full-time job?

“Set up a schedule designating a specific amount of time towards each class on a weekly basis. Do not procrastinate!” Ricky Braun, Senior Admissions Representative

6. How can Online Learning Fit into a student’s already busy schedule?

“Online learning affords the students the flexibility of working on their school work anywhere and at any time, 24 hours a day. There is no specific time our students are required to log in for class, which gives our students the flexibility to manage their busy schedule and school.” – Brooke Urban, Associate Admissions Representative

7. Any final tips for success you can share with us?

“Attitude is just as important, if not more so than aptitude. If you are committed to your success you will overcome any obstacle along the way!” – Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative


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Simple Steps for Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

When I am talking to people about enrolling in college, many people think that it will be a lengthy process.  The simple truth is enrolling in an online degree can be done in as little as one week.  There are a few steps that need to be completed before you can be accepted into Bryant & Stratton College Online.  You need to complete the free online application, complete your FAFSA form, submit a transcript request form, and submit an essay.  The essay briefly explains why you are choosing your degree of interest and why you will be successful in an online program.  Once you are accepted, you need to accept your financial aid package and take placement tests.  At Bryant & Stratton College Online we have six session starts per year, so you can start your degree whenever you are ready and enrolling will be even quicker than you thought possible.  Our next session of classes begin on June 23, 2010.  Please let me know if you have any questions about earning your degree online or the Admissions process.

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5 Setbacks Hindering College Enrollment

Many people have common misconceptions about college enrollment. They think that that they have to meet enrollment deadlines months before classes start or that they will have to come up with a lot of money out of pocket to begin classes. The fact is enrolling in college may be a lot easier then you think.

In this post, you will learn about the top 5 reasons that hold people back from getting started with the enrollment process. My hopes are that you will be able to put your inhibitions at rest and start on a path to a successful career. Here are the most common concerns that we hear from potential students and the answers that can help you overcome your anxiety about going back to school:

1. “I’m worried that Admissions process is going to take a long time and be really complicated.” A lot of the students that we speak with at Bryant & Stratton College Online think that it will take a long time to enroll, or that they will not have time to complete everything before classes start. Enrolling as an online student can be done in as little as one week and your Admissions Representative will guide you through every step of the way! To be conditionally accepted into the college, you will need to fill out an eApplication, your FAFSA, a Transcript Request Form and complete a short Admissions essay (writing sample). You will be offered full acceptance once we have an official transcript showing high school graduation or a copy of your GED.

2. “HELP! I don’t think that my Financial Aid will process in time for the start of classes!” No worries, contrary to popular belief, the Financial Aid process can be done online (insert HUGE sigh of relief- right?). So it’s not only quicker, but the turnaround time is so fast that most people get their information processed in 3-5 business days! Once your FAFSA has processed, the Bryant & Stratton College Online Financial Aid team will put together an award package for you to view right away to see what kind of aid options are available to you. Our Financial Aid department works quickly to get your information together so that this nightmare quickly becomes something of the past.

3. “There is no way that I will pass the placement tests!” No need to worry; placement tests at Bryant & Stratton College Online do not determine your acceptance status. Placement tests are taken by students after they have been accepted to the college to give them the option to test out of the required pre-college Math and English courses. The placement tests consist of an online math test and an essay (writing sample) that don’t take long to complete. Many learners we speak with who have been out of school for awhile find that pre-college courses can be a great way to ease back into the classroom.

4. “I don’t have any money to pay out of pocket for school.” It is not uncommon for people to be worried about how they are going to pay for school. At Bryant & Stratton College Online 84% of our students do not pay any money out of pocket upfront toward their education. We offer things to our students that you will not find at other schools like a free eApplication and having a book allowance included in your Financial Aid award package. You can even order the software you need for your computer with your book allowance through our online bookstore if you need to. Many students also do not realize that if they have to take loans out for school, they do not have to start paying them back until six months after they graduate. (You must stay continuously enrolled or else it is six months from when you last attended.) You do have the option of making payments on the interest accrued on your student loans while you are in school, and if you can afford to do so it will help make your loan payments lower once you graduate.

5. “Uh oh! I have horrible credit so I won’t qualify for Financial Aid.” All Financial Aid is needs based, not credit based. Your personal credit history has no effect on your eligibility for Federal or State Financial Aid. You do not have to have a certain credit score to be eligible for educational loans. All you need to do is fill out our free eApplication and the FAFSA form. As soon as that has processed, a Financial Aid Advisor will call you to go over all of the grant and loan options available to you. At Bryant & Stratton College Online, you can always review all options available to you before having to make a decision to attend.

As you can see, there is nothing holding you back from discovering what Bryant & Stratton College can offer you. If you are ready to get started, click the following link for our free online eApplication:

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