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Bryant & Stratton College Online Launches Military Spouse Resource Website

Just in time for Military Spouse Appreciation Day, which is Friday, May 6,  we are excited to announce today the expansion of our website, as the new go-to resource for education and career news for military spouses.

Home of the college’s Salute to Spouses Scholarship, which awards $6,000 towards a Bryant & Stratton College Online degree to spouses of active duty military personnel, is now also an online community that spouses can join to read the latest articles on careers and education as well as participate in a wide variety of forums.

Edited by a military spouse, with contributing writers who are military wives as well, is sponsored by Bryant & Stratton College Online’s military relations department and features weekly polls, how to articles, tips, resources, advice columns, personal stories, and financial aid options for military spouses.

“As military spouses, we understand the challenge of earning a degree or navigating the competitive job market while caring for your military family,” said Allison Perkins, Editor at “ is a community where military spouses can find support, information and resources tailored to their unique needs.” will engage its user community on a variety of topics through forums and blogs. Registered community members will also be able to receive a monthly newsletter that keeps them aware of new content that has been added to the site that month.

Bryant & Stratton College Online created the Salute to Spouses scholarship after the U.S. government temporarily suspended and later reinstated a restructured MyCAA in 2010. The expansion of the site builds on the success of the scholarship and increases the resources available to military spouses interested in earning their degree or building a sustainable career.

“We understand the commitment and sacrifices that military spouses make. We are proud to support them with the Salute to Spouses scholarship and now with, which will help by providing critical information on career and education issues specific to their experience as a military spouse,” said Ed Dennis, Military Relations Manager at Bryant & Stratton College Online. “Creating a portable and sustainable career is incredibly important for military spouses and often requires advanced education, but a college degree is now more accessible than ever to military spouses.”

For more information about participating in the Salute to Spouses community and applying for the scholarship visit and take a look around!

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