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Athletics Update: Bobcats Soccer Continues to Roll

There has been quite a bit of early season success for the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Bryant & Stratton College. Both teams received top-10 preseason rankings from the USCAA with the men ranking second in the nation and the women ranking eighth.

Less than a week after the initial coach’s poll dropped the women’s soccer team has already climbed two spots to number six while the men have a firm grip on second in their poll. The men’s soccer team have a massive match against University of Maine-Fort Kent this coming weekend, a rematch of last year’s National Championship. They tuned up for the rematch with a solid run of play the last few weeks.

Meanwhile the women rebounded off a tough loss to ASA College with a trio of impressive victories which helped elevate them in the national polls.

Bryant & Stratton College’s cross country team is also up and running, performing well at the University of Rochester Yellow Jacket Invitational; a field made up of a number of strong NCAA programs.

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Instructor Blog: Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Classroom

You’ve researched, read the directions, set yourself up with a coffee in a nice, quiet place. Time to create a paper. Nothing happens.  Your open Word document stares at you, smirking.  Now what? How do you beat writer’s block? Below are some strategies. Read More…

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Get a Jumpstart on the Admissions Process

The college admissions process used to involve an elaborate set of steps including hand-written forms and a plethora of paperwork. Fortunately, the internet has completely transformed the experience. There are a number of resources available to students who may need to obtain transfer credits before applying or for those who simply want to do additional research prior to making their decision. The admissions process is also easier online. Prospective students can complete the bulk of their college admissions forms and requirements online, using a computer, keyboard, and about an hour or two of uninterrupted time. Read More…

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Online vs. Campus Classes – What is the Right Choice?

Deciding whether or not to pursue your degree online or on campus can be a tough choice. Both online and campus-based classes offer a number of significant benefits to students. Some students are served best by the flexibility and convenience of online courses while others need to be in the classroom to truly succeed.

As you make your decision between attending classes online or on campus with Bryant & Stratton College, consider this questions before making your final choice. Read More…

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Interactive Media Design: Tools of the Trade

In the field of interactive design knowing the tools of the trade is critical to being successful. Understanding the different industry instruments in order to deliver high quality, creative products not only helps meet clients’ expectations but also allows interactive designers to think about the final product in new ways.

The list below will help you understand the tools you’ll likely use in your interactive design career so you can eloquently explain your methods to future employers or clients. Read More…

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Is Criminal Justice Studies Right For You?

The field of criminal justice can be attractive to anyone interested in how justice is dispensed in the US and around the world. Earning a degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bryant & Stratton College is the perfect way to pursue a career in the field of criminal justice.

The right program is a mix of finding the right fit for your personality, academic habits and needs, qualified instructors, and the flexibility and structure needed for your unique situation. To help you think through some important characteristics for a degree program, we’ve identified four questions for you to answer. Read More…

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Women’s Soccer Starts 2016 on the Right Foot

The Bryant & Stratton College women’s soccer team took a win and a hard-fought draw from two NCAA DIII opponents this past weekend. Senior Kai Jacobs scored a pair of goals in BSC’s 2-0 win over Cazenovia College while senior goalkeeper Megan Hagadorn made 13 saves the following day against SUNY Poly.

Visit the Bobcats Athletics homepage to learn more about the hot start to the women’s soccer season.

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Medical Assisting Grant Now Available to New Students

Bryant & Stratton College has recently introduced an exciting educational grant program for new Medical Assisting students who begin their degree program in September 2016.

Students enrolling in the Medical Assisting associate degree at Bryant & Stratton College, this fall, now have another way to help pay for school.

New students enrolling in the Medical Assisting degree program may be eligible for up to $6,000 in grant funds that will be applied to their tuition cost. This grant provides students valuable savings as students complete some of the most important courses of their 60-credit associate degree in Medical Assisting.

The Medical Assisting associate degree program provides a high-quality education designed to propel graduating students into the medical assisting career field. In addition to academics, Bryant & Stratton College focuses on career-ready education as a cornerstone of this program.  Key employer feedback was utilized in determining the courses and career preparation which make up this degree program. A strong mix of classroom and lab work ensures student complete the program with a foundation in the theory and practice necessary to succeed as a Medical Assistant.

With the Medical Assisting grant, students will gain a decided financial advantage towards a degree program in an exciting, growing professional field.

Upon applying for the Medical Assisting program, students will work with their personal admissions and financial aid representatives to apply for the grant. If eligible, the grant will be applied to their tuition costs in separate increments as they complete the degree program, ensuring the tuition savings are spread across multiple semesters.

To learn more about this exciting grant program, call 1-888-836-9748 or apply today!


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Struggling in a Class? We’re Here to Help!!

Life can get in the way of success for a student.

One day away from the books might turn into a week. And suddenly, you can find yourself not just falling behind, but failing.

The key to recovery after any roadblock you face in class is to keep in contact with your academic advisor and, or, your academic success coach, as well as your instructor.

Working double shifts this week? Let them know. Death in the family? Let them know. Kids come home from preschool with lice? Let them know. They can adjust your due dates for assignments accordingly.

And if you are not contacting them, they will reach out to you. Read More…

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Don’t Let Social Media Kill Your Career

Social media can kill your career. That’s not surprising, nor is it new. But right now, with recent college graduates out there job hunting and since it is an election year, this is a great time to be warned again. People are overlooked for job interviews and promotions and they get fired, all for making inappropriate posts on social media. social-media block

“People need to be reminded,” said Deborah Brown-Volkman, professional certified coach at, “just like every year at Christmas time, we remind them not to drink too much at the office party or tell the boss what they think of him.”

Because people use social media 24/7, saving your career means more than just deleting those Friday night photos. Here’s what you need to know to avoid committing social media career killers. Read More…

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