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Struggling in a Class? We’re Here to Help!!

Life can get in the way of success for a student.

One day away from the books might turn into a week. And suddenly, you can find yourself not just falling behind, but failing.

The key to recovery after any roadblock you face in class is to keep in contact with your academic advisor and, or, your academic success coach, as well as your instructor.

Working double shifts this week? Let them know. Death in the family? Let them know. Kids come home from preschool with lice? Let them know. They can adjust your due dates for assignments accordingly.

And if you are not contacting them, they will reach out to you. Read More…

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Don’t Let Social Media Kill Your Career

Social media can kill your career. That’s not surprising, nor is it new. But right now, with recent college graduates out there job hunting and since it is an election year, this is a great time to be warned again. People are overlooked for job interviews and promotions and they get fired, all for making inappropriate posts on social media. social-media block

“People need to be reminded,” said Deborah Brown-Volkman, professional certified coach at, “just like every year at Christmas time, we remind them not to drink too much at the office party or tell the boss what they think of him.”

Because people use social media 24/7, saving your career means more than just deleting those Friday night photos. Here’s what you need to know to avoid committing social media career killers. Read More…

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How to Be Successful in Class All Semester Long

Are you taking a class this fall? Is it the first time, in a long time, you have been in a classroom? Nervous?

Take a deep breath.

When you earn your degree with Bryant & Stratton College, there are safeguards in place to help you succeed. The college offers every student access to their professors, academic advisors, academic success coaches and tutors. And before class starts, read up on these five tips on how to be successful in class this semester.Bryant & Stratton College Student Lounge Read More…

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Common Workplace Mistakes Made by Newbies

If you are stepping into your first “real” job after college you probably have a mixed bag of feelings about it. It’s exciting to meet new people, have new responsibilities and contribute to your new company’s goals. And it’s also little scary. That’s just how it goes when you’re a newbie, but that’s a bad thing. Some mistakes are expected and they are easy to avoid or correct as long as you are aware of them. Here are a few: Read More…

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5 Reasons to Take an Online Course This Fall

As the summer continues, your mind may begin to return to more academic topics. After all, the fall semester will be here before you know it. Chances are that you have already selected all or most of your fall courses, but perhaps you are now reconsidering your class schedule—whether by choice, or because circumstances demand it. As you ponder your schedule, consider adding an online course to the mix. Why? Here are five reasons to take an online course this fall: Read More…

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Bryant & Stratton College On Campus Childcare is a Gamechanger for Students

Tamara Porter was stuck.

She had moved to a new city with her 3-year-old son. There was no family nearby who could help watch him while she went back to school. Her son had speech impediments and needed to be in a daycare she could trust to work with his special needs.

And, there was little extra money to pay for daycare while she worked and attended classes.Childrens Center

When she applied to Bryant & Stratton College in Hampton, Va., the flexible schedule and personal service were not the only perk. Her campus also offered on campus childcare.

“My son loves it. He really loves it,” she said. “I can be at home and tell him to get ready and he won’t move. Then I say we are going to class and he jumps up.”

Porter earned her counseling associate degree and is now working at the child care center on campus helping other working parents achieve their goals.

“People come in the middle of the semester when their other childcare plans fall through,” she said. “People come and say, ‘if this wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to go to class. It’s a lifesaver.’” Read More…

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Bryant & Stratton College Allied Health Club Helps Community and Each Other

The most important word in this student groups’ title, is “allied”.

Together, they raise money to help local nonprofits. Together, they host blood drives to bring much needed blood to the sick. Together they are students in both medical and non-medical fields driven by a single mission: to help their community

“I personally like the enthusiasm our club brings to brain storm ideas on fundraisers and where to donate our fundraising funds to,” said Len Lukasik president of the Allied Health Club, at the Bryant & Stratton College Milwaukee campus.


“We work together to help out each other in so many different ways, that we are almost like a big family. It shows how our club members get behind one student who is asking for club participation and then receives a bunch of volunteers to help out in an event,” he said.

Every year the club holds a minimum of six fundraisers. Each time, the profits are donated to a local organization such as the American Red Cross, The AIDS Resource Center or The Milwaukee Women’s Center, among others.

And, each time you see a blood drive on campus, that too is the work of the Allied Health Club as they partner with the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Student membership is free. Each member is only asked to give “time, treasure or talent,” Lukasik said. Read More…

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Instructor Blog: The Importance of Reflection

Some students may wonder why there is such a focus on reflection.  Reflection is not only about helping you remember what you learned, it is learning. The results from a Harvard Business School study confirm that reflection is essential to learning.  A study was done with two groups of people. Both groups were given a test. One group was asked to write down strategies that would be helpful in a future test. The other group was not. The group that reflected performed significantly better (Christensen, n.d., para. 5).  You can follow the link below to read more and also follow a link to the study itself.iStock_000004761101XSmall

Reflection serves two main purposes. By reflecting on content again, you are helping it move from short term to long term memory. Connecting learning to how you will use it in your field helps it become more relevant. Also, by reflecting on strategies, you are becoming a stronger learner. This process is also known as metacognition, which is thinking about thinking.  This sounds really academic, but it means asking questions like “Did I study enough? Did I study effectively? What can I do differently next time?”

While courses are structured to encourage reflection, students will get the most benefit by putting reflection into action. At the end of session, many students say they will log in to the course on Sunday to look at the week’s assignments, or begin assignments sooner. Obviously, this knowledge is only valuable for students who actually implement these strategies. Read More…

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Overcoming Even the Most Difficult “Ands” In Life

Rosie Gourdine was building her home healthcare business. The mother of five, who children ranged in age from 23 to five, had just finished medical assisting school and was deciding her next step.

Bryant & Stratton College recruiters called. And called. And called.

And after six months, Rosie decided this was the right move for her and her business. She enrolled in the associate degree in Medical Reimbursement and Coding and set her sights on graduation.

Then, her mother died.

And, her house burned down.

And, she moved across country.

But Rosie, was back in class the next day – after every single incident. Read More…

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Bryant & Stratton College Nursing Student Helps Keep the Heart of Jamaica Healthy

Money was tight. Full-time work coupled with a full class load meant little time off to take. It was not a good idea.

But at some point, Leah Doperalski and her friend decided to just go for it.image5

And the pair headed to the steep mountains of Jamaica for a week with a non-profit troupe of medical volunteers.

That was the moment that changed Doperalski’s life.

“I fell in love with it,” she said of the quiet village of Hagley Gap, which teeters at the top of the island destination amid the Blue Mountains. While tourists fill the beaches below, villagers here live an anachronistic life, without cars, running water or medical facilities.

As a second semester nursing student at Bryant & Stratton College’s Wisconsin campus, Doperalski was already able to give the villagers more medical attention than they had ever received.

“We go house to house, we do blood pressure screenings, zika virus education … we’re really huge on education in the community,” she said. “We find people living in the village who haven’t seen anyone in a long time. There are two clinics but they are too far to walk. It’s nice for us to go so they can have a yearly checkup.” Read More…

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