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Staff Spotlight: Ashley Moran, Admissions Representative

From a dairy farm to Thailand, Ashley Moran saw a lot before beginning her tenure at Bryant & Stratton College.

One of the longest tenured Admissions Representatives, Ashley actually began her career with Bryant & Stratton as a Qualification Center Representative. After introducing students to Bryant & Stratton and the admissions staff, she made the transition to being an Admissions Representative nearly three years ago.

Ashley has formed countless relationships with her students and is always beaming about a recent graduate who she remembered speaking to the first time they called the school over 18 months earlier. In fact, seeing her students graduate is what gives Ashley the most pride in coming to work each day.

A well-traveled individual, Ashley has made her way to Russia and Thailand all before earning her collegiate degree. After trekking to Russia during high school she made her way to the Far East after her junior year at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY.

With her travels complete, Ashley now enjoys spending time with her family and settling the household competition over who is the cutest, her son or her pug Lucy (her son is undefeated). Read More…

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Instructor Blog: The Importance of Instructions

Imagine if you will for a moment, how easy it is to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Simple, right?  I bet you could even show someone how to do it in under a minute.  Now, write it down, step-by-step as though someone had never seen bread, a jar of peanut butter, or jelly before in their life.  Trust me; it just got a lot harder.

Following directions and especially complicated directions can be a very important tool that serves you well throughout your life.  What does this have to do with going to college?  College instruction is full of following directions.  One of the most common mistakes that most students make is not fully reading and comprehending instructions.  Often students skip over the steps of the instruction with the understanding that they know what tasks need to be done.  And before long, they grow frustrated because the tasks they performed did not give them the result they wanted. Read More…

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Financial Aid Checklist: Here’s what you need to get your funding

Before you hit the books, you have to be able to buy them. To do that, you can get started as early as April 16 of your school year. If your taxes are filed, you can get to work lining up your financial aid, said Jim Nolan, financial aid manager for Bryant & Stratton College.

“I definitely recommend they do it at least a month out (before classes start),” Nolan said. “A lot of times your books may be covered. So you want to get it processed and approved so you can order your books.”

The only official time constraint is you must file for aid within that student year, Nolan said.

The first step is requesting an electronic pin for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). That application measures your ability to pay for classes and determines what financial aid you may receive. You will also need:

  • The code for your college (Bryant & Stratton Online is 002678)
  • Bank statements and records of investments and untaxed income (if you have them)
  • Social Security number or Alien Registration Number
  • Your most recent federal income tax return, W-2s and other earnings records
  • Tax info from your parents if you’re still a dependent

It’s a fairly easy, online process, Nolan said. Read More…

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How Social Media is Used by Hospitality Professionals

In earning a hospitality management degree you have the ability to further develop your skills and knowledge in working directly with customers or behind the scenes to ensure positive guest experiences. It used to be that guest experiences were shared with family and friends in person. Thanks to social media, an individual can now share their experiences with hundreds of people in their network—with just a quick click of a mouse—which has the potential to have a tremendous impact. You’ve probably noticed already how social media can quickly spread positive or negative reviews from guests as well as how hospitality employers use social media as a tool to improve their visibility.

According to research from BrightLocal, people are reading fewer reviews, but trusting the opinions of other customers at a higher level. Because of this, those working in the hospitality industry should understand how social media could be used to ensure a positive guest experience. Read More…

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Be Prepared Before Applying to School

Enrolling in classes at Bryant & Stratton College Online is a straightforward process that requires a few short steps to be completed. The required steps are communicated to our students by their Admissions Representative once they’ve completed their initial admissions interview. There are additional steps that a student can take to ensure their enrollment goes as quickly as possible.

The support offered by our admissions staff is second to none. From your first interview all the way until your first day of class, your personal Admissions Representative is there to guide you through the process of getting enrolled. They will require that you complete certain steps and submit required documents throughout this process. While many of the steps cannot be completed ahead of time, there are a few things that can be done to help speed up your enrollment: Read More…

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Life After Graduation: A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

When Desiree Shealy was a child, she watched police officers in action on tv. And she loved what she saw.

She said watched them catch the bad guys, help the old lady get her purse back and ticket the speeder who was endangering everyone around him.

“I always thought it was so neat,” she said. “I always enjoyed the way people looked up to an officer as a friend, helper and protector.”

It was who she wanted to be. Now, thanks to her associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Bryant & Stratton College, it is who she is.

Desiree is a corporal with the Newberry, S.C. police department.

But, is being an officer everything she hoped it would be? Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Why does writing well matter?

For some students, English courses can seem unrelated to the knowledge they need to be successful in their field. However, strong writing skills demonstrate that you are educated, professional, and pay attention to detail. Before I was in the education field, I was part of a team that was evaluating candidates for a position. There was one resume from a candidate that had great experience, but it also included a typo.  The individual was not offered the job. Imagine sending your resume to a potential employer with the employer’s name spelled incorrectly. What first impression would you be making?

These are certainly minor errors and it may seem unfair to disqualify someone from an interview because of them. However, these are the details that can leave a negative impression before someone even has the change to meet you in person. Error-free communication, especially when applying for a job, is crucial.

With that in mind, let’s address common errors in writing: Read More…

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Staff Spotlight: Bernadette O’Connor, Admissions Representative

A former elementary school teacher, Bernadette has been guiding students through the admissions process for the past 18 months. Her time teaching fourth grade at an all-boys school instilled a positive attitude that she has carried into her position at Bryant & Stratton as she notes the excitement she often shares with each new student she enrolls.

Bernadette’s background in education (she has an English degree from Hilbert College) extends beyond her time in the classroom and the numerous Bryant & Stratton students and alumni she’s worked with. While none have been published, Bernadette has written several children’s books with her son as the main character.

“[The books] chronicle each stage of my son’s life as he was growing up and all the adventures he had,” she explained. “Now that he is grown and starts having children of his own, he can share his own stories with them.”

Among her many other talents, Bernadette also boasts a strong skillset in Kan Jam and horseshoes. Although perhaps her greatest gift is connecting and helping the many students she works with each semester.

Read More…

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Key Points for Students Considering Employer Reimbursement

Going back to school as an adult brings up many questions, but perhaps the biggest one is “how am I going to pay for my degree?” Luckily student financial aid comes in many forms. Scholarships, grants, loans are all options but there is another way. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs that help employees pay for college.

Tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs vary from company to company but they typically focus on giving their employees the opportunity to develop or improve skills that will help them excel in their careers. The programs are beneficial to employees and employers alike. Employers are able to invest in employees so they have the types of skills that will help keep the company profitable. But, employees are the real winners. Tuition assistance programs help employees earn an education while having the cost partially or completely covered. Since going back to school also helps them learn new skills employees are able to become better at their jobs or prepare for career advancement.

But, tuition reimbursement programs aren’t free money. Companies design the programs to have some stipulations. Sometimes there are limits to how much a company will pay for the type of degree that’s being earned, designating different amounts for associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate-level education and professional certificates. There may also be rules around what types of courses or degrees a program will cover. Many employers will only cover classes that are related to an employee’s current responsibilities while others may extend the offer to cover responsibilities of that are designed to position an employee for a promotion.

If you are thinking about going back to school, check in with your employer about tuition reimbursement options. If you aren’t sure where to start, below are a few questions that will help you figure out what is available and how it may benefit you. Read More…

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Finding time to make a change

Realizing it’s time for a change doesn’t need to come from a major life change. In fact, many people decide that it’s time to pursue a new direction even when they’re in a great situation.

That was exactly the situation Yen Klikna found herself in when she decided to enroll in the Medical Reimbursement and Coding associates degree program at Bryant & Stratton College Online.

Klikna was working full time as a manager at a dispatch authority, making a quality living for her family. However, the job required that she needed to be on call most days. Combined with the commute to and from the job, her time was limited at home with her family. So she decided to start doing research on a career change that could give her more time at home.

“My priorities changed,” Klikna said. “I have a 3 year old daughter and I wanted to spend more time with her. I was tired of being stuck in traffic every day.” Read More…

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