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Paralegal Career Guide

If you are considering pursuing a career as a paralegal or legal assistant, you’re not alone – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for this position is expected to grow by 18 percent between 2010 and 2020, resulting in 46,900 new jobs during that time span. While the demand for paralegal professionals continues to grow, the job market remains extremely competitive. Accordingly, it’s important to understand the roles, work environment and level of expectations for paralegals and legal assistants.

Here is a quick run down of the facts you need to know about what it takes to work as a paralegal. Read More…

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Don’t Make Rookie Interview Mistakes

Got your first interview coming up? Don’t be tempted to wing it. As competitive as the job market is these days, coming across as uninterested, unprofessional or unprepared during the interview will prove to be a big mistake. Here are three rookie interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

Being uninterested iStock_000020762698XSmall[1]

Let’s face it, many of us move through life at warp speed these days. With so many demands, such as school, work, family, and a dire need to keep our social media followers updated, we are multitasking all over the place. Maybe multitasking works effectively in some situations, but in job interviews, it simply does not.

Francina Harrison, MSW, also known as The Career Engineer (, has seen candidates check their watches, not silence their phones, appear rushed and act like there was someplace else they’d rather be.

“I was shocked that a candidate in today’s market would be so careless and [display] these behaviors. If you can’t make quality time to interview, how will you invest in quality time on the job?” she said. Read More…

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Instructor Blog: Tips for Succeeding in English Courses

Some students may feel as if they need to just simply survive English courses. As an instructor who teaches four different English courses at Bryant & Stratton, I wanted to share some tips for not just passing, but thriving in courses essential to your life-long learning and professional development.   Most assignments in your English courses are focused on research and writing. This means that, to succeed, you will need to communicate an idea clearly and support it with research.  Thinking about how you can improve in those areas will help you in each English course.

One common error I see is students not proofreading carefully.  Almost all assignments in your English courses include a category in the rubric for grammar, including discussion. Taking the time to not only run spell-check (even in discussion) but proofread can be the difference between an “A” and a “B.” Creating even short assignments such as the initial posts for discussion and reflections in Word can ensure that you meet the word count requirement and have the opportunity to proofread carefully. Read More…

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Staff Spotlight: Lauren Watt, Associate Admissions Representative

Giving is a key word for Lauren Watt. One of Bryant & Stratton College Online’s most outgoing and friendly Admissions Representatives, Lauren also finds time outside of work to give back to others.

Lauren graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY with a major in adolescent education in mathematics. She is also certified to teach math in grades 5-12. In addition to being a self-proclaimed mathlete, Lauren is also an avid dancer and many outdoor activities.

Even though Buffalo is best known for snow, Lauren takes full advantage of the countless summer activities in Western New York. She has her boating and motorcycle license and can be found at nearly any concert you name during Buffalo’s wonderful summer months. When there’s snow on the ground Lauren is on the slopes honing her skills as a snowboarder.

However, dance is Lauren’s true passion. She teaches classes to this day and has been dancing herself since she was four. Lauren says acrobatics is her true passion (she can walk on her hands) and she’s earned four separate scholarships for tap as well.

The team here can always count on Lauren to brighten their spirits on a weekly basis and her personality glows outside of the workplace as well. In addition to the dance classes she teaches, Lauren teaches a special education dance class at a local school along with doing additional volunteer work for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Read More…

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Resume Tips for the 21st Century

Your resume should serve as an organized and concise synopsis of who you are, the education, skills, and experience you bring to the table, and should also indicate where your career is headed. While this has always been true of resumes, the 21st century resume needs to be created using programs that support both traditional printed products as well as digital formats that translate well over the

With that in mind, here are 5 resume tips to help Bryant & Stratton students and graduates embark on a successful, 21st century career path. Read More…

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Five Ideas for Making Your Second Try at College a Success

There are 37 million Americans who started college but dropped out before they earned a degree. Since a college degree is still important to increasing earning potential and job security some of these people may be considering filling out an application for college and going back to school.

For those who return to school, it’s a big step forward. But, it’s not without challenges. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that only 28 percent of adult students (those who are 25 years or older) complete college. So what’s holding these people back from reaching their goal?

There are a lot of factors and everyone is different. A Pew Research Center study found among those surveyed who did not have a four-year college degree and who were not currently enrolled in college, two-thirds attributed the lack of a degree to needing to support their family instead. Other research from organizations like Apollo Research Institute uncovered reasons such as anxiety about not spending time with friends/loved ones, worrying about intellectual ability to complete coursework, and experiencing stress because class interferes with normal routine, as challenges people face in earning a degree. Read More…

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How to Find a Study Buddy as an Online Student

Enrolling in an online school can have a lot of benefits. Flexible classes allow you to balance all the responsibilities you have in your life, like your job and family obligations, while still earning a degree. Online discussion boards and regularly communicating with your instructor can help you stay on top of assignments and make sure you’re learning key skills but having one classmate to count on can help make studying easier.

A study buddy is someone who can help you stay focused, share notes with, prepare for tests with or help you understand difficult concepts. Finding a study buddy when you’re taking classes online might not seem possible, but it is! Taking advantage of available technology like email, instant messaging or video chatting can help you make a connection with your classmates. So, what makes a good study buddy? There are several things to consider. Read More…

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Using social media to get in front of recruiters

For a job opening employers can sometimes receive thousands of resumes. Among that stack, getting prospective employers to notice your employability skills can be challenging. A good resume or a strong cover letter can help, but with elevated competition and sparse job openings you may have to employ some creativity in order to get recruiters and hiring managers to notice you.invitations-writing-linkedin-best-practices-

In addition to replying to job postings, you should find ways to proactively share your experience and expertise. According to the experts who served on the “Job Ready or Not?” panel at Bryant & Stratton College Online, more and more employers are turning to social media as a passive and an active form of recruitment. During the event, Heather Tinguely, Program Manager of Global Talent Labs at Microsoft offered some advice on how to use social media to get noticed professionally. Read More…

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Advice from a Paralegal

There are a lot of factors to consider when pursuing a career as a paralegal.  In this role you will be the right-hand assistant to lawyers and other legal professionals. The job requires certain skills and personality traits, paired with the right training and credentials. Ann Atkinson, advanced certified paralegal and president of the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA), offered the following advice to aspiring paralegal professionals.

Hone Your Administrative Skills

Depending on the area of law in which you are employed (eg. litigation law, family law, etc.), your duties as a paralegal may vary. However, Atkinson said the position generally requires strong writing and administrative skills. “Being organized is key,” she added.

You will likely be responsible for drafting cover letters, legal documents, and other important writing projects. You also will be responsible for working with clients, and in many cases, you may be the first person a client interacts with when they contact the firm. Accordingly, being personable is a must.

Get Your Associates Degree

There are no education requirements for paralegals, but that doesn’t mean training and certifications are unnecessary. According to Atkinson, every business has its own set of standards for employees, and having higher credentials may set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job. If you are already employed, consider asking about tuition reimbursement programs for a traditional program or online school. Earning an associate’s degree in paralegal studies can help to set you apart from other job seekers down the road. Read More…

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Career Choices for Business Students

From an AAS in Business to a BBA in Business Management, there are several different types of business degrees that provide the education, skills, and training you need to be successful in the world of business, or to start your own company. Obtaining a business degree from Bryant & Stratton College will open the doors to professional opportunities, career advancement, and will help you maximize your lifetime earning potential.

In general, there are two types of business degrees: Associates and Bachelors. Here are examples of the types of careers our students pursue after receiving a degree from Bryant & Stratton’s business program. All median salary information and projected job growth through 2020 is provided by O*Net Online.
Read More…

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