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Misconceptions of Online Education at Bryant & Stratton College

My husband is a self-professed, non-reader. He was never terribly fond of school, or writing or homework. But, he knew if he was going to advance in his career he had to earn a degree.

His buddies convinced him that an online college would be easier. There would be less work, less reading, less writing, they claimed. And, no traffic to travel to class!

They were right about the traffic.

It seems there are a lot of misconceptions about online degree programs.

“People think it is going to be easier than traditional campus classes,” says Ricky Braun, Admissions Manager for Bryant & Stratton College Online Education. “But the curriculum is identical to our other 19 campuses.

“People may think they are going to come and glide through but that’s definitely not the case,” he says.

So, why the confusion? People make a lot of assumptions. Here are the facts: Read More…

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Key Technologies Featured in Office Management Training

If there’s one person who can be considered the “hub” of an office, it’s the administrative assistant. These professionals are typically in charge of doing all the daily activities that keep an office running.iStock_000014539547XSmall[1]

According to a survey by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the biggest self-identified need in administrative assistant training is technology applications. That means, more than ever employers expect administrative assistants and executive secretaries to be tech savvy. The Office Management associate degree and Office Administration Assistant diploma program provides students with courses that focus on key technologies used in the field. Having a foundation in these technologies is important for improving employability skills. Check out the list below and see if you measure up to succeed as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. Read More…

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Will a New Degree at Your Old Job Get You a Raise?

Most people know and understand that the combination of education and work experience will likely help you earn a better salary.

In fact, that is exactly the reason why many adults go back to school after they have been in the workforce. But, does earning your degree while working guarantee you a raise?

No, it does not. However, with the right timing and strategy you just might get a raise when you ask for it. Read More…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Professor in an Online Class

If you are registered for an online course this semester, you may still be acclimating to a learning experience that is much different from a traditional, in-person class. Perhaps the largest difference is that you likely have not met your professor in person, and the vast majority of your interaction throughout the semester will be solely online. Just because you are not meeting with your professor face-to-face on a frequent basis, however, does not mean that you cannot ask him or her questions. Here are five important questions that every student in an online course should ask his or her professor: Read More…

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Athletics Update: Bobcats Soccer Continues to Roll

There has been quite a bit of early season success for the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Bryant & Stratton College. Both teams received top-10 preseason rankings from the USCAA with the men ranking second in the nation and the women ranking eighth.

Less than a week after the initial coach’s poll dropped the women’s soccer team has already climbed two spots to number six while the men have a firm grip on second in their poll. The men’s soccer team have a massive match against University of Maine-Fort Kent this coming weekend, a rematch of last year’s National Championship. They tuned up for the rematch with a solid run of play the last few weeks.

Meanwhile the women rebounded off a tough loss to ASA College with a trio of impressive victories which helped elevate them in the national polls.

Bryant & Stratton College’s cross country team is also up and running, performing well at the University of Rochester Yellow Jacket Invitational; a field made up of a number of strong NCAA programs.

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Instructor Blog: Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Classroom

You’ve researched, read the directions, set yourself up with a coffee in a nice, quiet place. Time to create a paper. Nothing happens.  Your open Word document stares at you, smirking.  Now what? How do you beat writer’s block? Below are some strategies. Read More…

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Get a Jumpstart on the Admissions Process

The college admissions process used to involve an elaborate set of steps including hand-written forms and a plethora of paperwork. Fortunately, the internet has completely transformed the experience. There are a number of resources available to students who may need to obtain transfer credits before applying or for those who simply want to do additional research prior to making their decision. The admissions process is also easier online. Prospective students can complete the bulk of their college admissions forms and requirements online, using a computer, keyboard, and about an hour or two of uninterrupted time. Read More…

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Online vs. Campus Classes – What is the Right Choice?

Deciding whether or not to pursue your degree online or on campus can be a tough choice. Both online and campus-based classes offer a number of significant benefits to students. Some students are served best by the flexibility and convenience of online courses while others need to be in the classroom to truly succeed.

As you make your decision between attending classes online or on campus with Bryant & Stratton College, consider this questions before making your final choice. Read More…

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Interactive Media Design: Tools of the Trade

In the field of interactive design knowing the tools of the trade is critical to being successful. Understanding the different industry instruments in order to deliver high quality, creative products not only helps meet clients’ expectations but also allows interactive designers to think about the final product in new ways.

The list below will help you understand the tools you’ll likely use in your interactive design career so you can eloquently explain your methods to future employers or clients. Read More…

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Is Criminal Justice Studies Right For You?

The field of criminal justice can be attractive to anyone interested in how justice is dispensed in the US and around the world. Earning a degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bryant & Stratton College is the perfect way to pursue a career in the field of criminal justice.

The right program is a mix of finding the right fit for your personality, academic habits and needs, qualified instructors, and the flexibility and structure needed for your unique situation. To help you think through some important characteristics for a degree program, we’ve identified four questions for you to answer. Read More…

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